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The affordable DIVERBIKE - Sea Scooter is essentially a stripped-down version of the of Jetski, combining

performance and safety with ease of use and lightness. Each DIVERBIKE-Sea Scooter packs  in a very compact,

lightweight design and features safety features including protective grille and auto shut off. Now you can lark in the

pool or get down with the fish easily. The DIVERBIKE will operate to a depth of 20 metres, and a full charge will give

you 120 minutes in the water..

Marlin X2 Diver Down in Style! A casual conservative, looking for thrills - seeking adventure, waiting to explore the vast wilderness, calling the shots and accustomed to being in the driver seat!  
SeaHorse Our high quality diverbikes are widely used and respected by divers, the Seahorse is built for those who can't dive yet, children This Green runabout lets kids play safely on top of the water in this non-sinkable model.
Marlin X4 Born to be Wild! It's black, sharp, damn good looking and fast enough for the Autobahn! This machine gathers a crowd, above and below water. Super underwater agility and speed is what puts this Diverbike truly in a class of ts own.
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Maribus X4 The Diverbike Flagship! The Maribus X4 offers the professional diver the ultimate Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV). With adjustable buoyancy and a carrying capacity to 100kg. A true part of the team.  
Now available! Construct your own Diverbike! We now ship the complete unit as a "Do-It-Yourself Kit" lowering the cost of the unit! With this new kit, SAVE  BIG on shipping by assembling the Diverbike yourself!!!!Construction requires about 8 hours over a weekend, simple video instruction, even for a novice! Starting from € 3500
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