As a water sports vehicle, the DIVERBIKE meets the highest quality requirements. It's the result of laborious and precise handiwork using high-quality materials and sophisticated components. With our attention to detail and understanding of superlative quality, we ensure that each DIVERBIKE is endowed with its own individual character. The result is a high-performance machine that requires zero maintenance, one that will excite anyone looking for a vehicle out of the ordinary. An exclusive product, with the prestigious "Made in Germany" tag. CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY QUALITY RIGHT DOWN TO THE LAST DETAIL
Custom Options High Performance Motors M50 500 W High Performance Motors M60 650 W Depth Indicator: Analog Battery Indicator: Digital Navigation Lights Davit Eyelets Safety Reel Additional Battery Treasure Hunting Package Video Camera Compass Custom Paint Color: Yellow / Black  =  Standard
Made in Germany

Rent, Lease or Buy ?

Diverbike products are high end, so renting a cheap

way to work with the product. Of course, there are

more reasons to equipment to rent, lease, or to

schedule a hire purchase with us. It is simple, flexible,

no budget to upgrade, downgrade, stay on the cutting

edge, full depreciation, immediate availability,

etc. Contact us!

NET PRICE / Retail  6000 EUR 7800 EUR 5000 EUR 6800 EUR 2500 EUR 3500 EUR 4500 EUR
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MODELS Maribus X2  standard model Maribus X4  standard model Marlin X2   standard model Marlin X4  standard model Seahourse X2 standard model "Do-It-Yourself Kit"   Marlin X2 standart model "Do-It-Yourself Kit"         Marlin X4  standart model