Technical Specifications Diverbike Maribus X4
Made in Germany

The ultimate treasure hunter equipment

New 2015

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Professional Diverbike and Sea scooter
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Length: 200 cm /   6.5 ft
Height :  65 cm /  2  ft
Width : 70 cm  / 2.3 ft
Weight: 55 - 90 kg. (depending on engine)  /121 - 200 lbs
Speed: 4 - 18 km / h.   /  15 mph
Operational time: 2-4 Hours speed dependent
Power Level: 1 Speed
Depth:  40m  /  115ft
Motor:      4 High Performance Motors M50 2000 W Standard  Color: Yello / Black
Battery: 55 - 110 A / h.
Diverbike Maribus X4  FEATURES New generation  Diverbike Maribus X4 is a superior Sea scooter to the market that is easily accessible to anyone who sees diving as a passion and divers seeking new thrills underwater. The Diverbike waterproof integrity, and is outfitted with new pressure-valve technology that allows smart depressurization of the unit after ascending to the surface. Save air and spend more time exploring new dive sites, reefs and wrecks. •Improved safety features: water protection, low battery voltage protection, over current protection, high temperature protection,  safety lock and auto shut-off function.
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